Collegiates Cultural Club

Collegiates Cultural Club


People we have had the privilege to work with.


One of the greatest singers and songwriters at this modern age. He has performed and worked with some of the prominent bands of Bangladesh. He is popular for his words of love. People also love him for his unbelievable dedication for music.


One the of dedicated musicians in the band history of Bangladesh. He is a renowed vocalist from the thrash metal band ‘Minerva’ from the very beginning. Presently, he is the Managing Partner at JB Trading. He is widely known for his growling voice and good music practice.


He is the first-ever Bangladeshi photographer who has won ‘National Geographic Award’. He had achieved around 40 national and international awards. With a camera in hand, he seeks ways to understand life, places, culture, and hope; he could find justice by sharing the experience with everyone through every snap he takes. At present, he is the director of Photography and Cinematography firm named “Team Faisal Azim Production”.


One of the remarkable singers and songwriters of Bangladesh. He is one of the enthusiasts to enrich the musical history of Bangladesh. He is mostly popular for his easy flowing tunes and words of love and the urban life according to the genres especially rock, blues, soul, country.


He is one of the most enthusiastic singers of the musical family of Bangladesh. He has a soulful voice which attracts people the most. People also love him because of the softness of his songs.


He is popular for his writings, for his remarkable imaginative power and thinking ability. At present, he is working at Old Souls Inc.


He is a Former Performance Secretary at the Brac University Cultural Club. He was one of the top 10 members of the “Pran Lear The Maestro” hosted by Pran Layer recently. He has experienced working with the various bands and artists in the country. He has been fascinated by his music.


He is one of the most remarkable artists from Bangladesh. Especially, he is a freelance cartoonist. He loves to draw not only digital illustrations, caricatures, comic books but also loves to make 2D animations for fun. Presently, he is working as an In-Charge of Operation of Cartoon People. Moreover, he is a cartoonist at UNMAD magazine which is the longest-running satire magazine in South Asia. Even he is a contributor cartoonist at The Daily Star.


He is one of the rising faces of the music scenario of Chattagram. He recently released his first original song. He is very optimistic to go beyond the current trend and offer different music.


She is a remarkable dancer who has performed and directed nationally and internationally. She has an experience of almost 30 years in the field of ‘Odissi’ and creative dance, specialized Tagore dance style, and co-choreography. Presently, She is the director of “Odissi and Tagore Dance Movement Centre”, Chattagram. Moreover, she has got many national and international awards including Star Group, Chittagong Bangladesh, 2015 (International Dance Festival), 2015, Bangladesh Television, Chittagong (21 Years Birth Anniversary) (1996-2017) Honored Classical Dance-2017, Sadarang Uchchanga Sangeet Parished, Bangladesh (On the occasion of the 2016 FM copronie week, supported by the Embassy of France in Bangladesh & Alliance Francaise de Chittagong, 2016 and so on in the history of Dance and Choreography.


It’s an experimental band founded by Sanjit Sinha & Dipu Sinha. Sinha brother is an experimental project based on music.

Official Team Members:

Sanjit Sinha Shawon (Vocal, Video Editor, Content Creator, Director)
Sudipto Sinha Dipu (Guitar)
Aditya Dey (Vocal, Cajon, Guitar)
Badhon Das (Vocal,Bass)
Elman Rahman (Vocal,Guitar)
Tahsin Jawad Paddah (Bass)
Akib (Cajon)
Sajid Sadat Khan (Sound Engineer)


She has been working as a theatre artist for about 10 years. She performs stage drama as a member of “মঞ্চমুকুট নাট্য সম্প্রদায় “. She is now studying in the Department of Dramatics, University of Chattogram.


He is famous for his writing skills. Now, He is the President at “Third Smile”, Content Developer at “Shunbo” , Official Agent at “Get Amped Series”, Founder & Principal at “The Decor”, Freelance photographer at “Ayman’s Premium”.


He is the honourable Adviser of our club. He has a great clubbing experience and had attached with BRAC University Cultural Club.


He is the honourable Adviser of our club. He is working as a Head of Operations at Startup Chattogram. Also He is the Secretary (2020- 21) at District Web Development Committee and President (2019-20) at Rotaract Club of Mirpur Dhaka.


Since childhood, she has been involved in the practice of Recitation. She has a great love and friendship with poetry and stage. Besides her teaching career, she is also a Recital Instructor at Chattogram Art Academy. She has been associated with the Bachik Art Center, The Rise of Youth since its inception. She has been praised in various districts of Bangladesh and in different states of India. She is a regular Reciter of Bangladesh Radio and Television.


He is one of the prominent figures in Theatre. He has a huge experience in Theatre performance and other performing Arts (MIME, Recitation) with different organizations in Bangladesh and India for the last 20 years. He has already acted as a role player in about 400 shows of more than 25 Dramas (World Classic) in Bangladesh and India. Moreover, he has directed and acted in 15 plays for children’s theatre in different schools and institutions and achieved ‘The Best Theatre Director and Play’ in 2006. Even, he has been nationally awarded for ‘Recitation’ in 2010.


She is a remarkable artist who has represented her creativity in and out of the country. She is a visual artist from Florida and got her BFA in painting from Florida Atlantic University. As an artist, she makes paintings that speak both to her and her audience. Her paintings are generally about empty spaces and have dreams like settings. Her artwork was chosen twice for the Broward College student exhibitions and has been featured in Broward College Panku Magazine three times. She is also a ceramic artist and has worked as a ceramic instructor at Clay Station, Dhaka back in Bangladesh, and at Jimmy Potters Studio in Virginia, USA. She has presented her artworks twice in the Potter’s Gilt show at her university where she displayed and sold her own created ceramic artworks.


A young and multi-talented musician with his diversified voice, from this port city. In rough, he pursues his own unique style of spreading the music toward commons. He is the flute instructor at one of the Chattogram’s best music institutions ‘Arpeggio Music School and Workshop’.Besides, he is a guitarist of the band “Cotton In My Brain”.


A young dancer with so many achievements under her belt! She has performed in the felicitation program arranged for Pranab Mukherjee’s D.lit, the Former President of India. She has also performed in the celebration of the Republic Day of India, arranged by the Assistant High Commission of India, participated as an Assistant Demonstrator in “Alor Ishkool” arranged by Bishwa Shahityo Kendro. She has been practicing Odissi and Tagore styles for the last fifteen years, won two prizes at the national level, arranged by Central Dance Committee of Bangladesh, champion in thana, district and division level of Jatiyo Shikkha Shoptaho, arranged by the Ministry Of Culture in two consecutive years 2015 and 2016 (Odissi and creative dance). At present, she is an enlisted artist of Bangladesh Television and working as an Assistant Dance Teacher in Odissi and Tagore Dance Movement Center.


He is a former student of the Institution of Fine Arts, Chittagong University and has completed his M.A from there. He’s been a renowned face in the art circuit of Chattogram. Moreover, he chathas won the honorable award of “Artshala Presents International Art Competition ” and also has shown his great skills in ‘Russia India Cultural Exchange: The Art Relay’.


He was practicing his literary genius from the life of his school days. Consequently, He succeeded to publish his very first combined book of poems ‘নিশিরাতের কাব্য’ at the book fair in 2020 which contains 3 poems of his own writing. There is upcoming planning from him for the book fair of 2021 of releasing his another combined book of poems ‘কাব্যের নিশাচর’ which is edited by him. At present, he is working as a junior content writer at ‘Writers Club BD’.


He is a reciter and instructor. At present, he is working as a General Secretary in ‘Tarunner Ucchash’. He is also serving as a General Secretary of Sammilita Abritti Jote, Chattogram.


He is the Founding President of Collegiate School Debating Society ( CSDS). Presently, he is the Ammbassador of the One Young World. He is well known for his debating skills and abilities.


He is the Founding Vice President of Collegiate School Debating Society. Besides, He is the President of CUET Debating Society. He is one of the best debaters of Bangladesh, the amount of the prizes he got for CSDS certainly prove that.


He is the Vice President at CUET debating society and Organising Secretary at CUET student centre. He was the Founding Treasarar of Collegiate School Debating Society (CSDS). He is famouse for his debating and coaching skills.