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Illuminate The Murk!

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Presented by Nayeem's English Care

It is evident that the majority of people reading this, do not find enough motivation or excitement to just drudging through the drudgery and cultivate their passion because why should you when you can sit in front of that blue screen and scroll away for hours without any immediate consequences. And, well you’re right and that’s how the average procrastinative human brain works. Unaware of the future because of our short-sightedness, we lots of neglectful people are unaware of the consequences, constantly turning into a -a dull lifeless slovenly lump of meat that can’t even do a minute without that blue screen- without even our realization. Turning our homes into murky shacks, this pandemic acted as a catalyst that boosted the process of our self-destruction. And that is why, considering the situation of you highly unproductive folks, we, the Collegiates Cultural Club have decided to organize an online intracultural festival, only for the present students of Chattogram Collegiate school. This amazing event is presented by Nayeem’s English Care, which is a renowned and well-established coaching center in the port city. The theme is based on the tagline “Illuminate the murk”, which will motivate the participants to enlighten the dark with the light of their excellence over the skills. The human brain likes fun, and it also likes to do stuff that gives them rewards of any sort, such as concrete reward or abstract reward, something as simple as pleasure. The winners of this Contest shall be awarded certificates and prizes. Moreover, every member shall receive a certificate of participation.

Event Timeline : 15 July – 19 July

Class Representative Registration Timeline : 27 June – 01 July

Participant Registration Timeline : 4 July – 13 July

Registration Fee : Free for all

Platform : Facebook (Online)


🔹 ART (Traditional)
🔹 ART (Digital Art)
🔹 Photography (Mobile)
🔹 Photography (DSLR)
🔹 Literature (Poem)
🔹 Literature (Short story)
🔹 Music (Solo/Team)
🔹 Music (Instrumental)
🔹 Recitation
🔹 Drama and Videography
🔹 Speech and Presentation

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