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Notifications To School Bells


Notifications To School Bells

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Sponsored by Munna's Academy and Mohiuddin Sir's SEC.

An air of festive surrounds us as school reopen and life around us starts recollecting the good old days. Students are seen everywhere flooding campuses with enthusiasm and the emotions start permeating the atmosphere. To use this opportunity to its fullest and to drive the emotion to a point where it can make one produce the finest works of his/her life, we, the Collegiates Cultural Club have decided to host an art fest that can help everyone express their feelings through art, as the proverb goes: “A picture can speak a thousand words”. “Unplugged: Notifications To School Bells” can help students to go through this transition and it may as well give them a confidence boost for the life that awaits them ahead.

Event Timeline : 7 October – 12 October

Campus Ambassador Registration Timeline : 22 September – 26 September

Participant Registration Timeline : 4 October – 13 October

Registration Fee : 60 TK (10Tk discount if registered through our app)

Platform : Online (Facebook)


🔹 ART (Traditional)
🔹 ART (Digital Art)

judge panel

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